>>>>My name is REBECCA PONS, in 1999 I created this business as a jump start in my career and another means to make money.


I was in college at the time, studying Fine Art and Visual Communication and minoring in Phsycology. It seemed like a good idea at the time but I was so engulfed with school and working at " Studio M" as a sign maker/Graphic Designer, that I just wasn't able to invest the time I needed to in order to grow and suceed.

I received my BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) from Loyola University in the Spring of 2003.


The next Spring of 2004, I decided to try to get my business going, at least as a part-time freelance. Again, I was not able to focus on the business. I was young and neede money sooner rather than latter. So once again, the biz had to be put on the back burner.


In the Fall of 2005, the beloved city I called home my entire life, was washed away until further notice. I as well as my familiy lost just about everything we had. There was no work in New Orleans and I had to seek refuge somewhere. Afer a few jumps between cities, I landed in Houston, TX. I had some family there. I got a job, an apartment and got on with my life.


I then moved back to Louisiana to the Baton Rouge area, and then again back to the Greater New Orleans area. At this time I did suceed getting my business up and running, sometime in 2010. Due to one reason or another I was unable to get going fully and had to take on a full time job.


Then after working for SRSA Commercial Real Estate, the company decided to make some changes in their company. My job being the one to cut out. It pushed me FULL THROTLE to start up again with not only my Graphics but ART | VIDEO | WEB | PHOTOGRAPHY and DIGITAL MARKETING!

I am thrilled to finally get this company going and hope that I can continue down this road.